• Overview

Global Environmental
Operation & Management Partner .

Techcross Environmental Services Inc. has performed operation & management projects in various aspects, including the largest private sewage treatment facility in Korea and industrial wastewater, ultra pure water and pure water facilities of prominent domestic and overseas for the last 20 years, establishing its reputation as a competitive global environmental facility operation & management partner. We ensure the best customer satisfaction through established operation & management system and by reflecting various customer needs. Based on our experience covering the entire water treatment area, we are expanding our business into waste to energy, air pollution reduction and renewable energy and other sectors. Also, we are leading efforts for sustainable future environment by engaging in projects that save, reuse and recycle resources.

  • Pioneer

    Multi-Player in Environmental Operation & Management Sector

    We have expanded our environmental operation business to overseas, such as China and Vietnam, for the first time in the industry. Other than onshore and offshore water treatment, we are constantly expanding our business areas to waste to energy, air pollution reduction and renewable energy.

  • Agile

    Provide Optimization Service

    We swiftly identify customer needs through smart operation & management system, constant technology development and strategic partnership with professional environmental EPC and provide well-organized operation & management service that is stable, economical and efficient.

  • Reliable

    Operation & Management
    Expert Group

    We are a group of over 1,000 reliable environmental operation & management professionals that have experience of operating the largest privately-operated sewage treatment facility in Korea as well as performing the largest number of industrial wastewater treatment and ultra pure/pure water operation & management projects in Korea for electronics, pharmaceutical and other prominent domestic and overseas companies.

Business Area.

Public Sewage · Wastewater
Industrial Waste Water · Pure Water · Ultra Pure Water · Reuse
Waste to Energy
Air pollution reduction
Privately-Invested Project
  • Participate in design and construction
  • Air Quality self-measurement agent
  • Commissioning


With our expertise in environmental industry and differentiated customized solution, we maximize customer value and materialize sustainable future environment.


  • A total solution provider that optimizes total construction and operation costs

    As we perform both EPC and O&M projects in environmental sector, we maintain expertise and technological solutions in each sector, contributing to optimizing the total costs for construction and operation.

  • Optimize Operational Costs Through Efficient Resource Operation

    We optimize operational costs by utilizing our operational know-how and managing resources efficiently.

  • Save Maintenance Costs Through Advanced Periodic & Preventive Maintenance Method

    With timely parts replacement and repair based on Smart O&M, we extend the life span of equipment and save maintenance costs.


  • Responding to Global Warming

    We contribute to reducing Carbon emissions by reducing, reusing and recycling resources.

  • Improve Air∙Water Quality and Solve Water Shortage

    We improve air∙water quality and solve water shortage problem through advanced air quality measurement and analysis, sewage treatment and sewage reuse technologies.