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Techcros Environmental Services is composed of experts who are the best in their field.

  • Selective benefit points

    We provide selective benefits points that can be used as money.One can choose items based on their needs.
  • Health checkup

    We conduct regular checkups to manage the health of our employees.
  • Tuition benefits

    Dependent children of employees may be eligible for financial aid provided by the company in its efforts to reduce employees' financial burdens and provide educational support
  • Group insurance

    We provide group insurance against disease and injury of our employees.
  • Award for long service

    We provide awards and vacation every 5 years for those who have worked for 10 years or more.
  • Cafeteria

    We have cafeteria in our company to eliminate the inconvenience of using outside restaurants and to improve employees' health.
  • Vacation

    We have legal holidays, summer-time vacation, and foundation day holiday to provide refreshment to our employees.
  • Family event expenditure

    In case of family event, we provide money for congratulation and condolences.