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Techcross Environmental Services Inc.
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Techcross will always strive for the benefit of our customers.
PR Center
Techcross Environmental Services Inc. is carrying out CSR activities with local communities based on the management principles of creating value for customers and having respect for people.


  • · Objective To become a company trusted by local people based on sustainable and customized social contribution activities
  • · Develop and carry out social contribution activities program in connection with local communities
  • ·Practice Jeong-Do Management principle based on LG Way

Direction and details of activities

  • · Practice social responsibility
       - Improve working environment of each business site and perform campaign activities
       - Academic-business cooperation project
       - Blood donation, etc
  • · Social contribution in cooperation with local communities
       - Participation in volunteering activities customized for local communities
       - Provide support with sponsorship items and talent contribution
       - Sponsor local film festival

Main activities

Practice social responsibility

Activities (campaigns) to improve working environment of each business site, contribution to local communities such as academic-business cooperation and blood donation etc.

Community contribution

Tree planting event, drawing contest for children, provision of home appliances, home repair for elderly people living alone, rice donation, local film festival etc.