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Intellectual property rights

Intellectual property rights
Category Patent Registration No. Issuing agency
Municipal Water Advanced treatment apparatus for nitrogen and phosphorus in sewage 10-0165630 Korean Intellectual Property Office
Advanced treatment apparatus for sewage using vertical membrane bio reactor 10-0540549
Apparatus and method for treating nitrogen and phosphorus using non-powered internal return 10-0636293
Water treatment apparatus (apparatus for removing nitrogen and phosphorus in the sewage containing ultrasonic wave cleaning part) 10-1008016
Water treatment apparatus (apparatus for removing nitrogen and phosphorus in the sewage including sludge floating part) 10-1344044
Water treatment apparatus (water treatment apparatus including non-contact type ultraviolet lamp) 10-1583562
High efficiency sedimentation collection and lifting device 10-1899721
Water Purification Advanced purification treatment apparatus using purification filtering membrane 10-0611171 Korean Intellectual Property Office
Controlling apparatus and method for improving stability and maintenance for membrane filtering purification and treatment system 10-1045263
Apparatus and method for cleaning intelligent high efficiency separation membrane 10-1050418
Waste Resource Apparatus and method for treating sewage sludge using microwave and heating 10-0541159 Korean Intellectual Property Office
Apparatus for high-rate upflow treatment of wastewater using two-phase anaerobic reactors and method to treat wastewater using it, 10-0596303
Pipe switching apparatus of batch waste treating system and 3 others 10-0817921 others
Transfer pipe management apparatus of automatic waste collection system 10-0817923
Waste input monitoring apparatus of the waste transfer system 10-0865616
Waste collection apparatus with screen 10-0952208
Conveyor tension adjustment apparatus 10-0960310
Functional double low current valve 10-1014648
Air conditionaing/heating unite using automatic waste collection facility and 2 others 10-1025782 others
Volumetric waste input apparatus with rotary safe open/close functions 10-1057456
Waste transfer pipe with improved structure for waste collection efficiency and waste collection apparatus using 3 directional pressure flow of the horizontal flow and vertical chute 10-1134136
Suction apparatus to separate waste using open/close mechanism when switching pipe 10-1160380
Digestive apparatus with gas injection type agitator 10-1182157
High efficiency sedimentation collection and lifting device 10-1899721