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Techcross Environmental Services Inc.
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Water Reuse/Ultrapure Water

Business Field
Water Reuse/Ultrapure Water
  • LG Display
  • Paju sewage recycling (BTO)
  • LG Innotek


Project Name Capacity(m³/day) Owner Construction Method
LG Display Paju and 1 other site 136,000 LG Display Membrane filtering
Paju Sewage recycling (BTO) 40,000 Paju Reverse osmosis filtering (R/O)
LG Innotek Gumi and 4 other sites 27,000 LG Innotek Recycling/filtering

Ultrapure water

Project Name Capacity(m³/day) Owner Construction Method
China / Guangzhou 40,000 LG Display RO/MB/Polisher
Vietnam / Haiphong 2,600 LG Display Reverse osmosis filtering(2Pass R/O)
Science park Magok 6,420 LG Display and 3 other site RO, MDG, DEI, UV, MB, UF