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Techcross Environmental Services Inc.
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We will bring about development in every environment field.
Business Field
  • Gusan waste water treatment plant
  • LG Display
  • LG Electronics
  • LG Innotek
  • waste water treatment system/Guangzhou
  • LG Display/Guangzhou
  • LG Electronics/Tianjin

Waste water treatment plant

Project Name Capacity (m³/day) Owner Construction Method
Godeok industrial complex 102,000 Godeok City MSMBR
Gunsan 43,000 Gunsan City High continuous batch method+URC+MBR method
Boryeong Gwanchang 1,000 Resident companies RBC
Naju industrial complex 1,000 Naju City BIONAD
Boeun industrial complex 850 Boeun City Biological advanced treatment method
LG Display Paju and 1 other site 191,000 LG Display Physical/chemical, biological
LG Display Gumi 183,000 LG Display
LG Electronics Gumi and 3 other sites 40,000 LG Electronics
LG Innotek Gumi and 2 other sites 26,000 LG Innotek
Siltron 35,000 SK Siltron
Science park Magok 1,500 LG Electronics and 5 other sites
China / Guangzhou(內) 83,000 LG Display
China / Guangzhou(外) 54,000 Guangzhou
China/Dagu and 1 other site 7,400 LG Chemistry
China/Tianjin and 1 other site 4,000 LG Electronics