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CEO Message

We will continue our efforts for the benefit of environment and mankind.
CEO Message

Dear customers who visit
Techcross Environmental Services Inc. homepage!!
We would like to give you a hearty welcome.

  • Techcross Environmental Services Inc., since established in 1999, has created customer values as an enterprise specialized in environment and led the market through continuing innovations and technological developments to provide outstanding customer services. Now, we are growing to become a total environmental solution provider in fields such as operations management, commissioning, engineering and construction.

    Techcross Environmental Services Inc. also expanding its worldwide water treatment engineering capacity by entering into China, Vietnam and others with the goal of becoming a global water treatment company with an advanced set of technologies.

    Through continued managerial innovations and Jeong-Do Management, we will fulfill our duties as a socially responsible enterprise and provide pleasant environment for better future. We look forward to more support and love from you.

    Thank you.